Software Failure

By Giwa ·
I'm a student of Uni of Bolton studying Computing.We are actually dealing with a course module called 'PROFESSIONAL ISSUE'.We are been given a topic area called 'SOFTWARE FAILURE'.All we need to do is to discuss on is, the causes of software failure and how a professional approach would reduce or eradicate software failure in the IT industry.All i need from 'techRepublicans' is just your views on this and suggestions.Would appreciate any help.Cheers

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I think

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Software Failure

you'll find a myriad of answers. From using good names on variables, to using surrogate keys, to applying a non-perverse business model (if there is one).
It's a colorful world.

But really, you should try looking at some of the blogs concerning development, and then the discussions that follow from them (i.e. hang underneath them).
You'll find viewpoints alright, a deluge of them.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Software Failure

Impossible, software's power is it's ability to adapt to change 'cheaply'.
To have no failures would require a completely correct design in a totally static execution environment. If such a thing was practical, there would be no such thing as SOFTware.

Think about it.

As for reduce, well I'm afraid that's not desirable from a business point of view. If it were they would invest in it....

Aside from any thing else if the software didn't fail, how are they going to sell version 2?

PS, thank you for further proof that academia hasn't got a clue what IT is.

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