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Software for Active Directory

By TABComputers2002 ·
I'm looking for some piece of software that will list every user and what they have for rights. Preferably something cheep/free.

I'm not the admin of the network, but I volunteered to post it. Let me know what info you would need.


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This one is the lowest price, i could not find any that are free..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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What exactly do you mean by rights?

by Dumphrey In reply to Software for Active Direc ...

Withing AD, as in to manage the AD environment, or in the domain? Are you after what permissions they have on shares, printers etc?
For individual files, folders, shares, cacls or xcacls (win 2k3 support tools) can be set to recurse, but a user has to be supplied. It could be scripted to repeat based on a list of users as variables though.

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to What exactly do you mean ...

We're mostly looking to find out who has access to what shares.

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by Nimmo In reply to rights

Instead of downloading thrid party software just enable auditing on your network shares.

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