software for diskless workstations

By dforse ·
i work in a private training establishment and they brought 15 diskless workstations from china, they came with ncomputing software but the trouble is they all have the same serial number (got told later they were clones). The trouble is ncomputing picks up on serial numbers so we cant use that software. Does anyone know of any other software we can try i have tried so many and its getting frustrating. Have no trouble working in windows or Linux. Oh yeah least they do all have different mac addresses

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Strange and contradictory.

by seanferd In reply to software for diskless wor ...

"NComputing drastically reduces the cost of computing by allowing multiple people to simultaneously share a single computer."

So, it should <i>expect</i> the same serial numbers. Odd. Unless I'm getting the serial number thing the wrong way around.

In that case, contact Ncomputing, and let them know what this "Chinese diskless workstation manufacturer" is doing. They may be appreciative.

Only other option: can you change the serial number that each machine reports? It really doesn't make sense that "clones" or any other identical manufactured products would have the same serial number.

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Fixed now

by dforse In reply to Strange and contradictory ...

they got back in contact with us and said not to update it and what do youknow it went first time. Still strange though it wouldnt go when using the update.

Thanks anyway

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Well, I'm glad they are all working!

by seanferd In reply to Fixed now

I hope it stays that way for you.

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