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Software for monitoring phone calls

By Alec Lerg ·
Hi everyone,

I work for a small company, and we have this problem with the phone lines.

We have three phone lines, but since we are over 50 employees sometimes when one of us is trying to make a phone call he gets a busy signal. I was wondering if there is a software that can help me monitor the phone lines, so I'll know at all times who is using the lines(which extension), cause I am quite sure that some employees are using them for making personal calls, and this affects the business, because someone is making a call home and doesn't let someone who needs to call a client do his/her job. We also have Skype, so mostly we use the phone lines(hardphone) to call clients.

Well thank you for your time and I hope you can give me some options. I would really appreciate it, if the software was a free one.

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What kind of phone system do you have?

by robo_dev In reply to Software for monitoring p ...

There are call accounting applications such as VeraSMART eCAS that can generate reports and real-time alerts, but these don't work with every PBX.

There are open-source PBX applications, but have never seen a free call-accounting system.

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PBX outside provider

by Alec Lerg In reply to Software for monitoring p ...

The PBX is managed by an outside provider, they do all the configuration, reassign extentions etc...., the phones are Cisco IP phones 7940, I contact them only when there are changes that need to be done.
Obviously I don't know much of PBX and that is saying something. I was wondering if there was something like x-lite that could show me that information.
There must be a maximum of 15 people who have the hard phones, everyone else uses Skype.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to PBX outside provider

I could be wrong but, you have Cisco Call Manager as your PBX.

They have something called the "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Real-Time Monitoring Tool" which can be configured to send all sorts of alerts, give you reports, etc, etc.

Call Manager has lots of built-in call reporting capabilities also with it's CAR (CDR Analysis and Reporting) tool that's built into CCM.

There are also third-party apps such as VeraMark or WinCall that can grab just about any call data from the CCM and give you reports and/or alerts. (Personally I have worked with VeraMark where email alerts are setup for expensive calls or **1 calls).

But first look at the built-in Cisco capabilities, as they are free.

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Here are a few systems that might help

by Mpeters1934 In reply to Software for monitoring p ...

You can look into the Nice call center monitoring system. Hope this helps and PBX and PolyCom are also good. Check out Net Spy pro for PC monitoring.

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Reponse To Answer

by Alec Lerg In reply to Here are a few systems th ...

Thank you all for your great advices as always, everyone is very helpful.

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