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Software for monitoring soft/hardware health of clients PCs over network?

By mgc_hrly ·
Hi there,
I have just started a job as a Netadmin. Unfortunately there is nobody to gove me a hand with troubleshooting of over 100PCs. Is there a software which provides software / hardware's health monitoring software for internal computers in a network?

I am currently doing a research about this, and was wondering if somebody could help me with this. Certainly, a software which would tell me that f.e.: this PC is running out of space, or this pc's harddisk is dying, or this CPU temp is too high would be really a cool tool.

So what I am looking for is a monitoring tool running on a network, which creates sort of a PC's health inventory. I have just downloaded a couple of inventory tools f.e.: LOGINinventory, or SPICEWORKS. These programs are great for license stuff -> I am looking for a SW similar to LOGINventory but with some pc health monitoring functions.

The price does not matter, I am just trying to find out what is possible on todays market.

Thanx a lot!


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Have a look at these.. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by mgc_hrly In reply to Have a look at these.. : ...

thank you very much for the link, unfortunately I have already checked this site.
All softwares are very similar - they make inventory only. But how about a real monitoring? How about checking SMART of HDD, temperature of CPU, Antivirus report.
I am looking for a mixture of classic INVENTORY + speedfan + hdd life + system mechanic.

Actually I was wondering, why are there so many asset inventory softwares on the market? The do all the same thing - scan network, make a report. High Tech can filter the report. Each has a different GUI & each has some extra tools.

Which Network inventory software do you prefer?

Thanx a lot for the reply


Is there something like this on market?

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I would use this inventory since i have Linux running on my systems as well
Oh plus it is free. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Sounds good, but..

by mgc_hrly In reply to I would use this inventor ...

Hi there,
I have checked out this SW. Looks great! Do you know also other Asset mgm software like this?
I would be glad if you could send me some of your SW experience.


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