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Software for secure Dropbox backup

By mrgeek.1974 ·
What software you use to backup (to) Dropbox securely?

I need sharing my office docs (from a researching institute) to Dropbox on a regular base, but I‘m afraid of general security and data leaking problems when using standard protocols.

Please share your opinions!
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Re: dropbox security

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Software for secure Dropb ...

What are you missing in ?

There's nothing wrong, of course, (if allowed by the research institute and its software) to copy your valuable data to your own portable hard disk.

Probably there's nothing wrong also to trust the research institutes own backup procedures, but it's always good to have another one. Once in a while you read about a university being hacked by ransomware.

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Once you share your data, it's good as gone. (Leaked!)

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Software for secure Dropb ...

There are no end to stories about leaks here. Once you send them a copy, don't believe a word it won't leak.

As Kees noted it's not a matter of Dropbox here but the people you sent it to and their security. The more it's shared, well, forget that, the moment you share, I'm write it's been leaked.

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