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Software for service, sales and customer tracking/ managment

By cal.walker1 ·
hello all, I am looking for any sugestions on some software for my business, I run a small bike shop (pushbicycle) and we sell/ repair bikes. We are looking for some way to track customers, sales and services. An example of what we want it to do goes like this:

Customer walks in
?drops in bike for service, gives details like due date.
?we put out back in storage

X days before the due date
on the "workshop computer":
?It tells the staff member to bring in the bike and it tells them what is wrong with it
?they fix it, while typing the prices of what they put on it (EG, new chain cog 20$)
?Once they are done, they press done and it emails/ phones the customer

When they pick it up
?we bring up their file
?computer prints out an invoice/ bill
?they pay
?they leave a happy customer.

Any suggestions will be greatly apriciated as we are needing to become more modern.

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by cal.walker1 In reply to Software for service, sal ...

I forgot to fix up the bullets, replace all the ? (question marks)
with bullet points. my apologies

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here is a start

by Jaqui In reply to Software for service, sal ...

the beauty of the open source option is that all of them work via web interface, so they don't care what os you have.

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Thanks. but...

by cal.walker1 In reply to here is a start

This looks good especially as I can run it from my web server, however I am looking for software that slopes more on the service side of things.
so we can track service jobs.

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most of them

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks. but...

also have the Customer Relationship Management tools available, which can easily be used for service.

the help desk information of a CRM also notifies the customer when an update is added to the "ticket" automatically, via email.

a web shop used in house is a pos system, and the "help desk" is usable for service orders.
It's also far more cost effective for expansion, and customization.

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good service

by flylee In reply to Software for service, sal ...

sounds good, but you can improve it if you can pick the bike for customer if you order via phone or web.

You can make them feel hassle-free. So they will come every time they need repair service.

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hmmm, what...

by cal.walker1 In reply to good service

thankyou but I don't really get the response, I am basiclyy asking if anyone on Tech republic knows of any software that is capable of this, and if not would you know a forum I would be better suited to.

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