Software for surveillance cameras?Active Webcam?

By ameliachida ·
Hi. I have 8 security cameras, my computer has a dvr that came with the software Pico 2000 however I had trouble installing it and recognizing the cameras. I tried Active Webcam and it recognized the 8 perfectly.

However I need to record the 8 cameras for 24hrs and keep the videos for 15 days or so bit when I record the video files are huge, I cant find how to compress them or other option. Also the quality of the videos is not enough. Im looking to be able to have a better resolution while im monitoring and also smaller video files. I just use this computer for surveillance and i dont need any internet features. Anyone knows about another software that can work for me? or how to fix the active webcam? Thanks a lot

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Check with the manufacturer.

by seanferd In reply to Software for surveillance ...

Better resolution probably means better cameras, unless the video quality has been set somewhere below maximum in a program setting.

It depends on what format the video is recorded in, but you can compress them by converting them to MPEG or another compressed video codec. Increased compression means further quality loss, however.

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Try cam wizard by ledset

by tech542 In reply to Software for surveillance ...

Try cam wizard by ledset... Ive tried nearly all the software off the internet and cam wizard does it all and is by far the best!

good luck

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can i watch 8 cameras?

by ameliachida In reply to Try cam wizard by ledset

Thanks, cam wizard looks good however i can just watch 4 of my 8 cameras. do you know if theres a way to monitor all the 8 at the same time? Thanks.

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certain digital video software

by Dr Dij In reply to Software for surveillance ...

records only when scene changes, and won't be triggered by gradual changes such as day to night.

That should reduce recording size greatly.

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