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Software/Hardware failure

By david.harker ·
I have a number of business critical applications running on an iSeries server with Windows clients. These will occasionally fail. I use IBM Director on my servers for monitoring purposes but the applications will just cease working without triggering events that Director can capture. I don't like being in a position where my end-users tell me when things have failed.

Ideally I would have someone sitting constantly running queries on these applications so that when a problem occurs we are ahead of the game. However my CFO would not sign off the headcount and more to the point how do I keep this member of staff awake!

Does anyone know of an inexpensive tool that can be scripted to repetitively do this kind of thing and trigger an event when something out of the ordinary happens?

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Application specific tools versus monitors

by JamesRL In reply to Software/Hardware failure

I know from a long ago implementation of OpenView that there are tools which will tell you if the application fails to respond that work with the central monitoring tools.

But you probably want more than that. I know when I was a Notes admin there were tools that would alert me when the database was reaching size limits or the number of users reached X or the replication failed. If these are truly mission critical applications thats the kind of service you need - not just a simple up/down monitor.

These tools are not cheap, but cheaper than a headcount.


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by entawanabi In reply to Software/Hardware failure

Microsoft Vista, If installed and loaded correctly it has this feature available to you; now I only know that it is there not hoe to set it up or do anything with it!

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RE: Software/Hardware Failure

by DugaDugDug In reply to Software/Hardware failure

When these applications fail, is an event immediately recorded in the Windows event logs?

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Sadly No!

by david.harker In reply to RE: Software/Hardware Fai ...

No events are triggered... the first I know is when the end users complain the application has stopped. It's very frustrating.

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