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    Software Installation through group policy


    by eminent87 ·


    We have a mixture of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers and we’re trying to roll out software through group policy. For some reason, it only work if I assign or publish the software to the user. It will not work if I assign the software to the computer machine itself. I get the following events in the application log: 102, 108 and 1085. Am I doing something wrong? Where should I check to correct this problem? Thanks!

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      Reply To: Software Installation through group policy

      by doyle.jack ·

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      A lot of this might seem obvious, but you are doing it in the computer settings section, correct? Also, you don’t have the computer settings section disabled in the GPO do you?

      Also, keep in mind that the computer must be in the scope of management for that GPO and the computer acount must have permissions to both read and apply the gpo.

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