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    software key code


    by tlcdarts ·

    my question is Is there a way to get the software key code that you get prompted to put in the boxes when you are installing software.The software i lost key code to is PINNACLE STUDIO QUICKSTART IT CAME WITH DAZZLE

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to software key code

      If the software is still installed on your PC, many PC information utilities can retrieve the product code.

      Try Belarc Advisor

      It may even show up on the Help About menu for the software.

      As far as getting the code from the CD, NO.
      The code is not stored on the CD. The installer program has an algorithm that decodes the key and verifies that it is valid.

      Your next option would be to contact Dazzle.
      As a general rule, the software manufacture offers no support for “OEM” version software.


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      by jgm72183 ·

      In reply to software key code

      Tell me what exact programs you want off the CD.
      Such as Megastar. I can give you a link to my site that has some individual programs that have been modified.

      I hate The Corporate world, and I hate key codes.

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