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Software Library?

By schase ·
Our company has grown to the point where we need to have a central repository of software. I have been tasked with collecting all original copies of software around the office. We don't ever want to let the original copies get out to the users, soI had the idea to buy a server with a lot of disk space to copy all the original CDs to. That way, my users can simply install software over the network.

Do I have the right idea here, or is there a better way to do this?

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JukeBox ?

by rayhennessey In reply to Software Library?

How about buying/installing a CD jukebox ?

You house the jukebox in a secure environment (e.g. limited access machine room) and simply replace cd's in the jukebox as they become outdated.

Either way, be careful re: potential licensing issues.

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Great idea

by mis In reply to Software Library?

We're in the process of doing this also. It's great from a license-tracking standpoint, and we're planning on posting the inventory on our intranet so people know what there is available.

Keep in mind that not all software will install over the network. You'll still need to maintain the ability to check out the actual software in those cases.

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by gfetters01 In reply to Great idea

You may want to look at going with an ASP in the future. The provide the liscensed software via the net to your employees. They also allow you to use the software at remote locations and prevent liscencing issues.

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Don't forget the SW Licence Mgt issue

by davidnesbit In reply to Software Library?

CD jukebox is way to go but most important issue once your team take over accountability for SW is that relating to SW Licence Mgt..

Suggestion is that you do a bit of research at where you'll find lot of tools and guides to assist you to manage both the centrally retrieved, and locally loaded SW.

You'll also find url to the BSA site too where you can obtain tools to analyse all of your existing PCs to obtain full SW-loaded details..

Good luck - it's a huge task.

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