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    Software license compliance audit


    by tracy_s ·

    Hi there!

    Today I’d like to recommend current software license compliance audit. So, to be more precise thus PC Audit
    Software Audit Total Network Inventory makes maintaining large software inventories easier and more transparent. Software license audit or software compliance audit is an important sub-set of software asset management, and an important component of corporate risk management. Software audit control with self-audits is a key component to managing software assets. I’m really sure from my own experience.

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      ofc it`s a good tool but it`s pricy

      by cheese.richard ·

      In reply to Software license compliance audit

      I`ve been looking for hours for a good network audit tool (for software, hardware, what is user connecting to a network, unauthorized access, temp control, appointed schedules for monitoring, reports on e-mail, SMS etc) but these tools arent freeware, of course.
      My CEO, though, agreed to spend some money to check for an outdated hardware and licenses when i gave them a report about how much will that cost us if we will have problems with license vendors.
      I chose TNI as a fairly priced software audit tool http://www.softinventive.com/software-audit/ though some actions i must do myself (like temperature control, which is a must in some PCs in our office).
      But i will not lie when i tell you that all alternative software tools are much pricier then Total Network Inventory system audit.

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