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Software License Management?

By jagan.krish ·
I'm looking at managing all my software licenses. the challenge is a project uses a software for say 3 months and forgets all about it. there is another project hat comes up with requirement for that software and most of the times we end up get new licenses. is there a solution which can manage all the software licenses? it has to suggest available licenses and "used" license. Also if a software can alert about installation of non-licensed software is also an added feature...

can you someone help?

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by Jim S. In reply to Software License Manageme ...

My solution was to build a simple database that I use to keep track of all the software that the company uses and has licensed, it helps when I can cross reference what computer has what installed and what version it has so I can print up a report at any given point in time.

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by jagan.krish In reply to Software License Manageme ...

Thanks Jim for your response. If the desktops are too high say 13000 etc, i think it is difficult for a administrator to track licenses. Just came through a software from Macrovision, Flexnet Manager. Perhaps you too can check this out

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by gwong47254 In reply to Software License Manageme ...

Depends on your budget and timeframe,

There are solutions developed just for your Software and hardware Asset Management, we have used Centennial ( and Managesoft ( both are very good at software license management.

Alernatively, you will have to spend a longer time and develop WMI/ADSI script to discover software and hardware and application statistics.

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by jake In reply to Software License Manageme ...

You might look into a software asset managment program. Microsoft has some information at


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by ben In reply to Software License Manageme ...

We can help you solve this problem if you are still looking for a solution.

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