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Software media retention/storage/location form

By Tink56 ·
I am trying to get a handle on the software media in our organization. I don't want licensing problems or media going out the door and getting installed on personal machines at home. In addition, it's become a nightmare when a computer goes from one department to another or it has to be rebuilt.

As a side note: I have a friend at another company whose policy is to just let everyone keep all the software for their PC within their departments. Turns out an employee in one department has been taking stuff and selling it on eBay. Aye yi yi.

Anyway, I have ample room in our server room to store this stuff. I have a labeling and storage method that is very efficient.

However, I realize there are times when some software needs to be retained with an employee. Marketing and Accounting people are a good examples. However, I want to make *them* responsible for storing it in a secure location and understanding how the software is to be used...I want them to "sign off" on this and I will keep the form with my licensing records.

Before I re-invent the wheel, does anyone already have such a document and would they care to share?

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Don't know if this

by Old Guy In reply to Software media retention/ ...

is what you may be looking for but there was a download from TR regarding tracking equipment and software. It may help you or you might be able to streamline it for your company.

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Yes, but I was looking for more

by Tink56 In reply to Don't know if this

I downloaded that file and it is useful, but I was looking more for an acual form that an employee could fill out and sign.

I'll probably throw something together later today.

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