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By mireidaigatsu ·
Hi we are experiencing slowness in a particular application e.g. remedy. is there a software that can be used to record its performance in a day? maybe some kind of program that can pull up logs for a particular application?

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Need more information...

what operating system are you using, maybe a bit about the hardware specifications
in regards to memory, CPU, video. Lacking these, it's only a guess going by
general numbers, since Windows is the predominant OS, you can try to use Task
Manager and check on running processes. Performance monitor can be used to
track overall a "Run" command, type "perfmon" and press Enter.

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by mireidaigatsu In reply to Need more information...

mostly our PCs are running on XP, 2GB RAM,

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you can user processmon

by markp24 In reply to software performance reco ...

you may want to run this only for the perios when the slowness occurs, but processmon will show whats going on, and you can see the times the process start and end at and that may clue you in on what the cause is. (ie the database is getting too big, network lag, etc)

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by mireidaigatsu In reply to you can user processmon

thanks wil try that

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