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    software piracy


    by keshav3293 ·


    suppose i am using Autocad 2011 software in my computer which is pirated. now the market has been upgraded to Autocad 2019.

    Can Software company issue me a notice regarding piracy because Autocad 2011 is not in use nowadays(software company is not providing service for Autocad 2011)?

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      Generally speaking they can not but

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to software piracy

      It depends on where you are in the world and what the Local Laws are.

      All of this type of software calls mommy all the time for things like updates and so on, it also wants Mommy to accept it so if it is a new install it needs to be activated or whatever so another call to Mommy.

      Not sure about Autocad but I do know Microsoft uses these Call Home Requests to Track Pirated Software and can or more correctly has in the past started Legal Action against those caught using Software incorrectly installed on a computer. In the past they have started Court Proceedings against some people/companies who they have caught using Pirated Software so it is Possible.

      But as I said previously this depends on what the Local Laws allow.

      This is also why several Western Governments have Black Listed Huawei because they can not see what Huawei send out as Updates and what they actually do as apposed to what they could do.

      I hope that helps some.

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      depends on the licensing

      by missdorkness ·

      In reply to software piracy

      The older versions of autocad have ‘perpetual’ licenses, which means, as long as you have bought the license, you can use the software in perpetuity.

      NOW, pirated software is another topic entirely, if they find out you’re using software that you do not own the license to, no matter the version, they can send legal notice to your company.

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