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By basheer ·
We have a software policy in our corporate environment. Only business required and legal software are allowed to install at users computers. User's restricted installing any piece of software.

Recently, one of the users demanded to install a free software which will help his daily work. He used to use this software in his earlier company and that made his work easier. This software is not in our policy and personally i am not interested such free (may be useful) software thinking that, if i open for single user, all others may come with their own softwares to install. This will give technical support more headache. From a user view, he may be correct, that software may help in his work.

So, what I would like to know, HOw you IT Managers manage these type of requests? How do you adjust your policy to handle these software?

I appreciate any helpful comment from IT Managers.


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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Software policy related

I have already replied to your previous post.
Why are you re-posting.
Again I say I would not allow installation of such software at all against company policy.
And I think many others will also have the same reply if they are also implementing such company software policies.

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by basheer In reply to AGAIN NO!!!

Sorry for re-posting, I could not see my previous post under 'Discussion started' by me. And i didnt receive your previous reply.

So, even if the user claims it will hep his daily work and really increase his productivity, still say NO?

Thanks again

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Thanks

No Problem. But I was wondering why others have not given their views. That was my view and is the normal practice. The company I work with is ISO certified and I used to implement such policies.

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Any other update?

by basheer In reply to OK

I wish to have more views as stated. Thanks for any comments.

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