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Software Prices and Availability

By winex ·
The European Commission has fined Nintendo Japanese computer game and its 7 European distributors upto $165 million this week for keeping prices in some Europena markets high.
Similarly, various Software is priced high at different regions of the world which is not justified at all. On the other hand, original software is not made available locally by the owners in several countries which is resulting in more costs to import them from outside the respective countries. Yet, copyright laws areactive in ALL these countries irrespective of the non-vailability and high prices.
All my efforts to convince these software owners to have an universal price tag on each of their products and make the products available in each country worldwide thru atleast a single outlet if not more are invain for the past 2-3 years.
I therefore would like to voice this fact to the concerned world authorities and request them to impose strict laws against these selfish software owners also just as they impose strict copyright laws on the end-users. This applies to all original Music & Video titles also. I have been struggling to get a single original Video CD AQUA Barbie since its release about 5 or more years ago and till today I could not find one even on the internet.
Any suggestions from our members please?

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Software Prices and Availability

by TheChas In reply to Software Prices and Avail ...

It's not all greed.

There are legal and trade restrictions that prevent just what you are asking for.

Many software titles cannot be legally exported from the US do to technology restrictions imposed by US laws.

Similarly, there are many legal hurdles that a company needs to cross in order to set up a sales organization in many countries.

For some countries, the cost to setup the sales network exceed the anticipated profits, so, the software firm decides not to sell the software in those countries.

Then, you have the governments that do not want any forign goods sold in their countries.

There just is no easy solution until we come closer to having 1 world government.


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Software Prices and Availability

by winex In reply to Software Prices and Avail ...

I do not agree with Answer 1. When a copyright law can be enforced in a given country, why not the original software made available in that country? It hardly costs around 33 cents or less to press a software CD for the owner and he charges the end-users several hundreds of dollars for a single CD. So, not having profits is out of question. How and Why only Nintendo was fined and not other companies for selling software at high and different prices? When the software is internationally acclaimed, an universal price tag is very much desired on each product. At the most the owners can add PLUS TAXES. Any body or authority to clarify the situation please?

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