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    Software Protection


    by wfranks ·

    I have developed a web based software program, before I start showing it to the public can I assume I have copyright protection. Short of a patent what else can I do to protect myself.

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      by wfranks ·

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      ROCKEY USB Dongle for Software Protection

      by chinqin ·

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      You can find some software protection solution, says ROCKEY USB Dongle from Feitian Technologies, which supports shell and or API based encryption and digital right management. The users of your software program cannot run your software program without the USB dongle distributed from you. If you want to try, you can contact Feitian Technologies for evaluating the SDK at first.

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        Think again.

        by Anonymous ·

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        If the ILock was cracked, what makes you think this is any more difficult. Crackers will crack it if it is a useful product. Your best bet is some type of on use authorization – but this can also be cracked.

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