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By sibitg ·
We are doing a Banking Project. We have nearly 300 clients. Our development process is not 100% bug proof. Some bugs are creeping in our software. At present on every day beginning, one programmer checks the completed works of another programmer. Because our tight schedule we cant hand it over to the QA section. Can anybody suggest a better development process ?

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by sandip In reply to Software Quality


I feel no development process is 100% bug proof. The bugs will always be introduced. It is important that those bugs are not passed on to the customer.

1. You have said that you can not hand it over to QA. Why can not you do it parallely. You continue development and what ever development is complete you can give to QA for review and validation.

2. Do you have testing planned ? If testing is planned, it is possible that many of the faults will be captured and not passed on to customer.

3. You can devise a checklist which can be used by programmmer or some one else. You can put up all the most likely fault, typical miss outs in the checklist and just ensure that check list is followed up.
This will reduce your review efforts and time.

Sandip Karmarkar

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Development Process

by anshul.pal In reply to

As sandip said correctly that there is no development process that is 100% bug free.
Now that the situation is critical
1. Form two teams from ur dev group, 1st team writes the code and other team does the QA for that as all ins an outs are known to them.

QA team will find the defects and hand it over to the dev team again, and meanwhile QA team analyses the 2nd set of code during which the dev team fixes the bugs in the 1st set of code.

Repeatedly doing this activity will ensure that you will deliver 99.99967% bug free product to the customer.

Please feel free to contact me at

Regards, Anshul

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