Software RAID1 array re-syncs after every reboot

By BlueEagle79 ·
Seems like every time I reboot, my software RAID1 array is re-syncing. Its also causing me some BSOD's in the process. I'm fairly certain it's the array, because it normally happens when I'm doing something that is disk i/o intensive.

For instance, the last time it BSOD'd, I was watching an AVI file off of the array, while at the same time ripping a CD to it. It was shortly after that reboot that I discovered the re-syncing error.

I hadn't noticed any affects before, because I'm normally using it fairly lightly, as far as those drives are concerned. If I'm using them, it's just to watch a movie off of them, or play some music. But when I saw that the array was re-syncing after my BSOD, I remembered that I had seen it doing it before, as well.

Only thing I have found in the Event log within the time period that I have been having these issues, (besides "previous shutdown was unexpected,") is something about "VDS Basic Provider, Unexpected failure. Error code: 490@01010004" in the "Disc" section of the log. Googling it led me to multiple pages with people saying, "Spoke to Microsoft, they said to ignore it." Not exactly my idea of support....I'd like to know what it is, and whats causing it.

My operating system is on a separate drive, on a separate controller. Only thing on this controller is the two SATA drives in a RAID1 array. Both are Seagate Barracuda's; one a 1.5Tb, the other a 1Tb. I had a drive failure and got a good deal on the 1.5Tb, so I figured I would swap out the other 1Tb eventually and add some space. For now, though, the 1.5Tb is partitioned down to 1Tb to match the other.

Running Windows 7 Pro far as major software installed on my machine, I've got SQL Server 2005, Office 2010.....couple of games from Steam, and that's about it.

Anybody had issues with software RAID1 arrays constantly re-syncing, or causing BSOD's? Just looking for some advice here, and thanks in advance for any help.

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lets start here

by brian In reply to Software RAID1 array re-s ...

So, you have two hdd's in a raid 1 config one is a 1.5tb and the other is a 1tb. First, RAID doesn't like to have two different sized hdd's, half the time, it doesn't like to have different model hdd's. I have learned that RAID (just using 2 drives) likes to have the same size drives and same model drives (works the best). Even though you have the other drive partitioned to 1tb, the RAID controller will see it as a 1.5tb b/c that is what is written into the drives bios. Another thing that may be the problem is the raid controller is starting to fail...if you try the first suggestion (two "identical" drives) and that doesn't work, you may want to try a different controler...

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Disk Sizing

by BlueEagle79 In reply to lets start here

I'm going to be upgrading the array so that both drives are 1.5Tb eventually, but for right now, I have rea$on$ for leaving them as they are, unfortunately. The only reason that they are different sizes now, is because one of the original drives failed, and I took the opportunity to upgrade with an eye towards having more space in the future.

I did allow the drives to finish re-syncing last night, and then after a reboot, they appear to be "Healthy," now. No telling how long that will last, though; I'm going to keep an eye on it.

I'll see if there is a firmware update available for the controller, as well, and see what that might do.

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My shot

by TobiF In reply to Disk Sizing

If the system crashed while you were in the middle of a couple of disc intensive tasks, there there's quite a risk that somehow one or even a couple of bad sectors were created, so that your disks got out of sync.

And, most probably, your controller then needed some time on its own, to sync the array again. However, it is hard to sync if the system or the user keeps queuing up new things to do.

Good to see it seems stable again.

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Check Disk

by tunkmaster In reply to Software RAID1 array re-s ...

Maybe while you at it do a full disk check scan on both drives to see what it gives you

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by BlueEagle79 In reply to Check Disk

Chkdsk discovered some free space marked as allocated, and repaired it, but other than that, nothing unusual.

I may be worrying about the wrong thing, now...I assumed it was the array, because of the what I was doing at the time that it went out, but I wonder if it might have been something else that caused the BSOD, and if the array re-syncing was a symptom rather than a cause.

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