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By officeguy123 ·
For work I have a very large 2010 Home and Office Excel to Word mail merge document. (It's a large word document with about 20 different Excel cells merged in to different spots). My Excel sheet often opens up as read only and loses the merge connections. I have a feeling I need to find something a little more "professional" with a little less glitches. Does Microsoft Access do this mailmerge function? Is it any smoother than Excel?

Also, can you make forms in Access? For example, say you have a 4 page document that you want to "jump" to different sections for typing in new information. while keeping most of the information the same. I'd love to just "tab" through a word document and type in info. Are there any other productivity products that I'm unaware of?

Thanks for the help

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by liusophia209 In reply to software recommendation

Excel access is the best one I have known.What you need is to know more about access and you'd better master it.You can change "read only" by setting.That's my opinion, for your reference, it is doesn't matter if you don't agree with me.

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Yes Access is the best solution

by WebDevGuru In reply to software recommendation

Yes, you should definitely use Access to do the mail merge. It handles WAY more records than excel and does mail merge flawlessly! You can do forms in Access in a snap. Super easy to do simple forms to capture data. And if you need a script to automatically create more complex forms based on the fields in your spreadsheet my friend Michael Pereira is a brilliant programmer and has created a macro that creates all of your form elements and the entire form from an imported excel file. You can reach him at Gaston Digital and I believe the file is housed there as well, but I would just email him and ask for it. There may be an updated version. Hope that helps.

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