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Software Requirements Specification

By kudostechnet12 ·
A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a complete description of the behavior of the system to be developed. It includes a set of use cases that describe all the interactions the users will have with the software. Use cases are also known as functional requirements. In addition to use cases, the SRS also contains nonfunctional (or supplementary) requirements. Non-functional requirements are requirements which impose constraints on the design or implementation (such as performance engineering requirements, quality standards, or design constraints).


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If you told me in an interview....

by JamesRL In reply to Software Requirements Spe ...

....that a use case was the same as a functional requirement, I wouldn't hire you.

Use cases may be the tool you use to create a functional requirement or not. You can create functional requirements without use cases.

It helps to have some experience, instead of parroting what you've read out of a book.


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Well you aren't getting a job matey

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Software Requirements Spe ...

An SRS as you describe it is a mythical creature at best.

And anyone who thinks performance and quality are non-functional requirements, should never have been allowed near software development.

For all budding developers, a response like the above, epic fail.

Don't call us, we'll call you.

Good bye

[sotto vocce]Wanker ![/sotto vocce]

A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is an incomplete description of the behaviour they understood of something that does not exist and won't be required by the time it's done. It includes a set of use cases that describe parts of some of the interactions some of the management team think their people need. Use cases are also known as fairy tales. In addition to fairy tales, the SRS also contains extremely important implicit requirements. These important requirements which nobody bothered to explicitly identify, impose cost-ineffective and completely unnecessary constraints on the design, leaving you with one choice of an inflatable dartboard implementation. However crap the design and implementation are, it must of course perform extremely fast on an XT 286, conform to all undocumented quality standards that haven't been ignored because they cost too much. Any other design contraints are trivial and can be ignored.

Now that will get you a job in development. Shows you know your arse from your elbow.

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