Software that will schedule a full HD clone do you know of one?

By adlcs ·
Here is what I want to do:
Make a bootable clone of the c to a ext. usb/esata hard drive at a specific time. Using XP and 3-4 enclosures I will rotate the drives each day between onsite and off site overwriting the entire drive each night. This gives me a max loss of one working day and I keep the tax office running.
If I have a system failure I can remove the bootable clone drive from the enclosure, put it into the system and boot up inside of 15mins. Right now I can get it done with Ghost 10.0 and do it manually but this is getting old.
I've downloaded a number of trial versions from major providers looking for this ability. All have a cloning ability but not one has had capability to schedule the task.
Thank You for your help

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by oliver In reply to Software that will schedu ...


Acronis TrueImage is fully capable of doing scheduled backups. You can decide if you want a daily full, incremental and/or differential backup. I have saved tons of machines with TI and higly recommend it. Never had any issue with it. Where ghost failed, TI always was able to save the day.

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Re: Software back up

by PoppaTab In reply to Acronis!


You sure like going to a lot of work if you want to save one hard drive. With 3-4 hard disks available, you can implement RAID and save yourself all the trouble. Try this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID and see if you can do the back up without switching out disks all the time. Windows Vista and 7 manage to do backups without compression along with system images. There is another discussion here with a lot of the info you are looking for. I may have missed the point here, but with attached storage you could do well with free programs that do the scheduled back up.

I chased down the post: http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=101&threadID=321197&start=0

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Need to CLONE on a schedule

by adlcs In reply to Software that will schedu ...

So nobody knows of a software program which will CLONE a hard drive at a set time everyday. No such thing? Guess I keep looking

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Why does the drive

by Jacky Howe In reply to Need to CLONE on a schedu ...

have to be cloned everyday? I only clone once I have everything setup the way I like it and and only rebuild when necessary.

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RE: Need to CLONE on a schedule

by PoppaTab In reply to Need to CLONE on a schedu ...

I could swear you have been given at least two ways to do the clone. Acronis TrueImage, RAID configurations, and if using Win7 pro or above; win 7 back up with disk image. Here is the URL for the Acronis home 2010. http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/

Just search google for disk cloning software

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Did you find a solution?

by AWD_Guy In reply to Software that will schedu ...

Acronis won't do it even after I tried reverse engineering their clone process.

HDCopy doesn't appear to support scheduling or scripting...

I have a very similar situation as yours and think this should be a standard ability for all these cloning products.

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Acronis won't do it .......................................................

by balge In reply to Did you find a solution?

as already stated
Acronis TrueImage WILL do it - I did it this morning..... look in 'scheduled tasks' or under 'operations' and schedule it whenever you want - daily, weekly or monthly - make sure to tick 'perform on next boot if schedule missed' or whatever it says.
I suppose a free trial version may not have this functionality but my basic edition certainly does
try reading the help

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Please give details

by AWD_Guy In reply to Acronis won't do it ..... ...

I have TIH 2010 Home, and while you can schedule many different backups and image tasks, I cannot find any way to schedule a clone task. Clone only appears to be available from tools & utilities, and there is no way to save it as a task to schedule.

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a clone is just an image

by balge In reply to Please give details

terminological inexactitude
its still a bootable image
its merely a marketing phrase


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An image is not the same as a clone!

by AWD_Guy In reply to a clone is just an image

An image is a single file or split set of files that contain an archive/image, usually compressed of a hard drive/volume. A clone is a copy of all of the individual files from the source drive/volume on another drive/volume identical in layout and file structure.

It is a similar difference between scanning a paper document to a PDF vs. making a photocopy of it.

In this case, the goal is to clone an internal SATA drive to an eSATA drive on a nightly basis making a perfect replacement in the case of a failure of the primary.

Unless there is another way to do it, the only way I know to initiate a clone is from the "tools and utilities" section of TIH and thus no way to schedule AFAIK.

I have posted on the Acronis forums
and have gone as far as trying to reverse engineer their clone process and failed.

So unless you have personally done it and can detail how to schedule a recurring drive CLONE task, please stop saying Acronis can do it.

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