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Does anyone have any idea of a software similar to Unimus that can not only automatically backup a network device(e.g router, switch) to their own servers but also automatically backup the logs to an external drive.
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Re: backup

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to SOFTWARE TO BACKUP NETWOR ...

- What do you mean with "the own server" of a router or switch?
- If you schedule the backup of the device, then you can schedule the backup of the logs also. Why the need to have it done by the exact same software (that you don't even know if it exists)?

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RE: RE: Backup

by fobtobi In reply to Re: backup

What I mean by "their own server" is the Unimus works is that they backup the device and it is saved on their site, then you have the option to download what is saved to your local drive or any other storage medium.
I do not think anything like this exists too, but my boss asked me to make a research into a software that performs that specific function of "automatically storing to an external drive."

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Re: copy

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to RE: RE: Backup

If can access their site via ftp, you can schedule the copy.

If you can only access those logs via a button or so in the program you run, you can't. Then you would need some RPA (Robotic Process Automation) function to press that button when the backup is ready.

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My view on backup to cloud or other servers on the Internet.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to SOFTWARE TO BACKUP NETWOR ...

For now they all suffer the same shortcomings. For example some try to backup their entire computer (such as a Windows PC) only to learn that backup will take weeks and recovery may be days when the time comes.

Also a full Windows PC backup has all the same issues as before such as you can only restore the Windows OS to the same PC or something nearly identical. Remember I take it you are seasoned enough to know this.

Finally due to web outages nothing works better than a local backup or if a company your own in house server. Again, only those that haven't been here would think otherwise. It appears the only way to learn this lesson is first hand. Yes, those that sell the web/cloud/remote backups would have you think all is goodness and light but wait for the real life lessons and the time lost when you need to use their services.

-> Just last week I saw a nice price on the 2TB Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 HDD at under 70 bucks. That's the price of a full backup we can keep in the fire proof safe. Now I have to think about remote copy? 70 bucks.

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"We believe networkers should not need to be developers"

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My view on backup to clou ...

Which is opposite of what I've learned. Networking and IT should have basic dev skills or they will struggle and cost the company dearly as small problems have to be outsourced. But that may be a good thing as the company may find a way to dispense with said staff in favor of full outsourcing or maybe move to a full WFH (work from home) and BYOD (bring your own device!)

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