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Software to crack passwords on my router

By robbie.linton ·
I have a Linksys WRT54G router and am wondering if there is any software that will crack or reset my password on my router while connected to my network.

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Stick a pin in the little hole to do a factory reset

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Software to crack passwor ...

You'll lose your entire configuration, but it will reset the admin password to whatever the default is, most likely "password". Read the manual for exact details.

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Crack router password

by statykserver In reply to Software to crack passwor ...

If you're worried about a rogue network user I have never heard of any programs to crack the router password, but there are some to crack the wep wap password keys to gain access to your wireless network.

But if you just need to reset the password because it was forgotten then the previous "stick a pin in the hole" post should work just fine.

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i hit the little button

by warmech15 In reply to Crack router password

but the damn router never reset to factory even after holding it for the specified 30 seconds so i have no way of logging into the web setup.

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Wep Crack?

by electroserver In reply to Software to crack passwor ...

Are you asking about air cracks? You can crack the wep/64 or 128 with a linux tool called Auditor. It requires 2 laptops with wireless adaptors. This is the reason that they have wpa (much harder to crack)!

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Dear network adminster,

by rabin4855 In reply to Software to crack passwor ...

i dodnt thing there is any softwaire to crack router pass word but there is some trick but that trick also not working right now ..just wait for anotrher post .....

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Whos sent you?

by seanferd In reply to Dear network adminster,

He's been waiting <i>three years</i>.

And you come along to tell him to hold on just a little longer? :^0

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