Software: Universal software to unlock GSM Mobile Phones

By onlineph ·
Hello experts!

I have a lil problem of my cell phones. My relatives in London and in the U.S. used to send me mobile phones as a gift for any occassion. My problem is I can't use them here in the Philippines. They are locked-in to the network abroad. Although we have shops where we could unlock mobile phones but its too expensive. I feel like I being taken advantage and has no choice but to grab their high price. I observe them one time and they jsut put a cable on the phone then connect it on their PC and an interface pops up and they just deleted a very long code and presto! I had to pay them a high price. No I have again 5 mobile phone. 3 from UK and 2 from Canada and they are locked.

I tried searching the internet for a universal unlocking software or whatever to call that software but I can find one. I only founf simlock unlocker.

Anyone please help me find a shareware or a freeware universal software that can unlock GSM mobile phone...

Thanks alot!!!

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No help here.

by cmiller5400 In reply to Software: Universal softw ...

We had this discussion before. It amounts to "cracking" the OS on the phone. Though it may be legal where you are, you won't find help on this site for hacking/cracking things.


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Yeah we can't help, sorry

by Slayer_ In reply to No help here.
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Re: No help here

by onlineph In reply to No help here.

I see. Thanks alot for the notice. I'm still new to the community so I think I have not yet read all the terms and conditions..

Thanks anyway...

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unlock codes

by SKDTech In reply to Software: Universal softw ...

Contact the Manufacturer of the phones. Provided the phones have been purchased free and clear and not under a contract the manufacturer has to give you the code to unlock the phone. With phones that have been purchased as part of a service agreement, i.e. 2 year contract, once the contract period is up the service provider is obligated to provide the unlock code when requested.

Of course this is the law here in the US. I have no idea if it applies where you are.

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Re: unlock codes

by onlineph In reply to unlock codes

I thinks it applies but isnopt that popular as being applied. I'll haveto try your advise. Thanks alot

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Are all your relatives Educationally Subnormal ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Software: Universal softw ...

Otherwise what is stopping you from sending them a nice letter (you can't phone them for obvious reasons! ), telling them that they are sending you something you cannot use.

I must say, I was unaware in this day and age, that it was feasible to receive multiple mobile phones as presents in much the same way as a Grandparent would accumulate a wardrobe's worth of unusable, garish-coloured socks from a lifetime's-worth of Christmas Presents.

Perhaps you could ask the British and American versions of Santa to perhaps send you some money in order to get LAST YEAR'S Christmas Present to work properly in the Philippines.

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Good Advice OM

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Are all your relatives Ed ...

That was my first thought too. Who, in their right mind, would spend money to send a cell phone to someone overseas not knowing if it would work or not when it reached the other end.

I mean, come on... this story wouldn't hold water if the baggies were mailed along with it. Geeze!!!

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You will need to spend some cash here...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Software: Universal softw ...

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