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    Software vs. Hardware


    by fraggasaurusrex ·

    Is it possible to aquire HD damage (bad blocks of HD space) by installing what is known to be corrupt software? Can bad data actually harm a harddrive? Not virus infected data , or the like , just simply corrupted(incomplete or improperly comiled ) files . I dont really need to know how often it may occur if it can . . . just whether its possible or not . Thank you .

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      by drb63 ·

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      by thechas ·

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      Just copying files, no.

      Installing software from a corrupted set of files, possibly.

      If the installer generates and saves some corrupt files, blocks of your hard drive can become inaccessible.
      It’s not so much that the drive is physically damaged, it’s that Windows cannot resolve or reconcile the file data and the file information.
      This can cause Windows to label the file storage area as bad sectors.

      Any decent hard drive repair tool should allow you to recover these sectors.

      Theoretically, a corrupt file could cause a command to be sent that would act like a virus, and cause physical damage to the drive.


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      by shadowworks_2000 ·

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      not a chance, the bad blocks as you called them cant be created by the type of software that you speak of, its more or less the hard drive itself and the blocks you speak of is called clusters, some software could help creat them but not genrealy the sole cause of them.

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