Software which scans and filters/highlights similar lines of text

By NKonarev ·
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I've been looking for a while for a software which actively scans my desktop and filters if similar lines of text occur.

The text I want to scan and detect such lines looks like this :

17:40:13 11:20
17:39:20 11:24
17:39:10 11:20
17:38:56 11:18
17:38:56 11:18
17:38:56 11:18
17:36:40 11:16

Basically, I am looking for a program to filter and show only

17:38:56 11:18
17:38:56 11:18
17:38:56 11:18

Could be only the first or second part, but only the lines that pop up one after the other. The text can not be copied from where it is being displayed.

Is there such software/program ?

Thank you for your time !

All the best.

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