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Software you get what you pay for?

By Oz_Media ·
A recent Q&A session had some people saying that Norton is better than others because a) You get what you pay for, and b)It is so popular

Do either of these statements hold true to you?

The way I see it, SOME software you get what you pay for. Mass retailed end user software is rarely so. NAV I've removed from SO many PC's with problems, only to have it resolved as soon as the resouce pig NAV is gone. AVG is free and an excellent and resourceful replacement. I just had the guy next door ask me to remove NAV from HIS pc as it was too much of a pain in the ***, he LOVES AVG.

Now in the sense of NOS's, I agree that you get what you pay for, well Novell Ximian is cheap as **** and far better than anything else I've seen but it is still in its infant stages, although VERY widely ised nowdays for banking institutions, .coms, and IP's. But NOVELL is more expensive than MS (originally) but the system is much more stable, easier to maintain and offers great security and encrytion, this rarely targeted (I don't remember that past NW hack). Then again, that's all they do, not games, no office suite, no accounting, no web page design, graphics etc. Just a stable NOS.

Why do most ISP's choose Linux flavours over Windoze? Windows being MUCH more expensive, would that not be better?

What free software have you found outperforms the retail junk?

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