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Software you hate?

By grolscht ·
Ok, of all of the software programs you use, which is your least favorite and why?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Software you hate?

Pretty much elated with ALL the software on desktops at the office and on my Thinkpad.
the only non-resolvable (is that a word?)problems I've ever had are all with Microsoft software.
For some reason, while other vendors struggle to rebuild buggy code, patch their products and offer no-cost revisions to their mistakes, microsoft can get away with "we are aware of the problem, howver we will NOT be fixing this problem as it will be resolved in Windows XXXXX." (Which if course, I'll have to payfor.)
I wonder how the most successful software developer/retailer can write such crappy code and without any repercussions, simply tell you "it is a recognized problem, we are not fixing it" and go on to sell their next "new and improved" OS (which of course will have it's own long list of unpatched unresolved issues that will be put on hold until they have the next OS to sell you.
That's the kicker though, they tell you you're screwed and then sell you the next junk they write.
Unfortunately, the majority of end users are used to Windoze and therefore won't learn another OS like Unix, Linux or W.H.Y. this means that as support staff we have to resolve stupid MS issues, except when I tell a customer it is an unresolved MS issue and MSis NOT fixing it they look at me like I'M the idiot and contest paying for my time.

i could go on, but we only get 1930 here so I'll let it drop and go fume for a while.

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by coucherdusoleil In reply to Software you hate?

Microsoft ASP. I got this error "asp 0115" that doesn't seem to have any known solution!

Microsoft sucks!

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Not Too Many...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Software you hate?

There aren't too many that I hate but these top the list:
Windows XP!
Peregrin Service Center
BMC Patrol


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Any software which ...

by jardinier In reply to Software you hate?

won't let you skip a file which the computer can't read (or decompress) and complete the installation without the file, which is quite likely not essential.

2. Any software which, upon announcing "Installation Successful," you find has buggerred up your computer and you can't uninstall the new software or fix the bug it has created.

3. Most software packages, including the leading names, which claim to sort out all the problems in your machine, but instead stuff it up, after which you find you can't uninstall the alleged "fix-it" software or resolve the problem(s) it created.

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by djent In reply to Software you hate?

MS operating systems, I can ignore their applications. Win9x is total crap, NT prior to 4.0 SP5 was flakey, W2K prior to SP3 was buggy, XP won't be finished for another year or two. They all have more security holes then 1/4" hardware cloth and the patches often break more the they fix. MS just released SP4 for W2K and the bug reports are flowing already, not to mention the bloat, 130 meg for SP4 and a long list of fixes. The real problem is to find enough apps to run on Linux that interoperatewith windows apps, convince app developers that Linux is part of their future.

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Norton Antivirus 200(Crap)

by MWBlessing In reply to Software you hate?

Whatever version they are upto now, don't remember, probably blocking it out of my memory to save sanity. I've had more problems with that program on multiple machines and OS's. The latest wouldn't even let me stop the service and then would give errors when I tried uninstalling the it. I'll slap AVG-free version over an overpriced Norton AV anyday. Thank god for AVG Server Edition, it's found more viruses than Norton ever has in the past. Not to mention the dragging down of resources of the Norton versus AVG. Do a benchmark of a system with both and you'll see what I'm talkin about. Well that's all, I feel better now with that off my chest.

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