SOHO Networking - Multiple Subnets - Wireless Bridge/ISP

By psworx ·
I want to allow two subnets to talk to each other, my setup is as follows:

Virgin Media Broadband


Belkin Wireless 4 Port Router

Router IP (Internal)
IP Range to

(Everyone but me connects via wireless or wire in the Belkin)

Edimax Wireless Router connects to the Belkin via Wireless ISP (Only way i could get it to work, tried to bridge but no joy at all)

Edimax external IP (Provided by the Belkin)

Edimax internal IP

Edimax IP range (feeds pc's in my room) to


So as you can see there are two wireless routers, one provides the connection to the internet (Belkin) and the other provides a connetion to the Belkin (Edimax).

There are two subnets, the main is 192.168.2.x (Belkin) and the other is 192.168.3.x (Edimax)

I want the pc's on the 192.168.3.x subnet to talk to the pc's on the 192.168.2.x subnet (and vice versa), i have managed to communicate (ping, trace route, vpn > connects but no network shares available) one way from 192.168.3.x to 192.168.2.x however i cannot do it the other way around.

From my machine which is ip i can ping all of its own subnet and all of the other (192.168.2.x) subnet but when i try to do it the other way around i.e. from my laptop ( to the Edimax or my pc i cannot get any response.

Im sure its possible to get machines to talk over two subnets, im assuming its something in one of the router setups. I cannot ping the second router (Edimax - 192.168.3.x) from the first subnet (192.168.2.x) but i can from the second to the first.

If anyone can shed any light on this situation it would help allot.



Ok after some faffffffing about i can ping the external IP of the Edimax router ( but cannot ping the subnet it is the DHCP for (192.168.3.x)

I have setup port forwarding on both routers all ports from 1 to 65535 TCP & UDP with no luck either. The firewall is not enabled on the Edimax, no security at all, i have DMZ'd the Edimax's private IP on the Belkin and this has not helped.

Anyone, someone, help...

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Network Address Translation (NAT) ...

by Churdoo In reply to SOHO Networking - Multipl ...

... is the reason that the 2.0 subnet can't access the 3.0 subnet. The default modes of these SOHO appliances is "gateway mode" (NAT is enabled in this mode).

Look through the Edimax device configuration and see if there's an option where you can put the Edimax into "router mode" versus "gateway mode."

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