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    Solaris Dilemma


    by msit ·

    I have a serious dilemma. We are upgrading an old Alpa system running Oracle to Solaris 10 (Over a million dollars). I was told I would be the system administrator and backup administrator on the new system. Problem is I have had NO training on Solaris and Oracle. Someone else does the oracle. I am currently the Windows Admin. I have stressed that I know nothing about this OS and Application. I have tried to tell them we need someone with this knowledge before the upgrade and not the training promised after the upgrade. I feel they will lay the blame on me when things go bad – and they will. My supervisor doesn’t seem to want to listen. This upgrade was already in the works before they hired me knowing I only had Windows knowledge. I have no problem learning this OS. I think it’s a little late in the game to expect me to know the ins and outs of a new systems to the degree that he is speaking of. He tells me I am a highly motivated person so he knows I will have no problem getting up to speed on this system. What should I do??? Don’t blast me on this. I honestly need some good advice – this is my job!

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      Grow and Learn

      by cathy.miller ·

      In reply to Solaris Dilemma

      Is there anyone in your shop with Solaris knowledge? How much time is the vendor going to spend on the install. My gut instinct would be to grab this opportunity. It gives you a chance to learn a new skill, broaden your experience. I have been in that situation, and the first few months were killer, because I knew so little, but if you are “highly motivated” this is an opportunity. It is always scary jumping into a new application / os whatever, but at the rate IT changes, that is the story of our lives!!! 🙂

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        by msit ·

        In reply to Grow and Learn

        No, there is no one in our shop with Solaris knowledge at all! I have no problem with learning more, just the way he is going about it expecting me to be the know all and be all from the beginning. I understand the only constant in IT is change. It should be at least 2 of us in case something happens to one person. I dislike organizations where only one person has knowledge and when they are not there, nothing gets done. Thanks for the positive feedback Cathy!!!

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