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    Solution for (my) memory issue


    by sam.misemer ·

    Ok, I have been a tech professional for a long time and this leads me into my issue. I like to learn things on my own, and my current pet project is databases (MS Access).
    So here’s the scenario:
    I want my database/form/query/whatever to do “x”. I research the way to do it, and after hour(s), figure it out. Yay me. When I’m at the end, I realize I’ve been everywhere on the net and in help files and poking around in dialog boxes 5 levels deep and will never remember how to do this again. (See above reference to being at this a long time, this an an issue with MY memory, not my pc’s, hah)

    So, what I am looking for is some kind of “journaling” software that I can run while I’m doing research that will simply record everything I am doing (I don’t even care if it dumps to a text file, I can parse that), so I can go back and make notes to myself afterwards and not interrupt my thought process while researching/working. I tried screen recording, it’s very storage intensive.

    Any thoughts from anyone? (And yes if it gets my question answered, feel free to pick on me about getting older and having my own RAM issues)

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