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    Solution to require approval for new network devices

    by jrob513 ·

    I’m trying to find a solution that will allow me to detect and authorize any new devices being added to my home network. Ideally I’m looking for a non-subscription service that I could run on an existing system or a standalone raspberry pi box. Seems like all of the “network protection” devices/services out there are all subscription based and focus on things like vulnerability scans, malicious site blocking, etc but none seem to offer a simple option to prevent any new device connecting to my network until I approve it from my phone.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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      My first question.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Solution to require approval for new network devices

      Why not check with your router to see if it supports MAC filters?

      This is free if your router supports it and you can put up an instruction sheet(s) for folk to fill in the required information and give it to you to gain access.

      It’s simple, cheap and has many YouTubes about it.
      About the other solutions? I won’t call them cheap and your average network owner might get upset at the complexity of say Captive Portals.

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        Reply To: Solution to require approval for new network devices

        by jrob513 ·

        In reply to My first question.

        Thanks for the response. I’m currently using an Orbi mesh system and already have MAC filtering enabled but with “Allow new devices to connect” enabled. I’ve tried enabling the “Block all new devices from connecting” so I could at least prevent any devices from connecting without my involvement. However, I’ve come to realize that the Orbi software really sucks and whenever I try to enable “Block all new devices form connecting” it likes to randomly block access to one or two devices already on the network. Even if I then go and manually approve access for those devices, it will just go and revert them back to blocked. I’ve looked around and it appears that this is a “known issue” and Orbi doesn’t really seem to care.

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          You seem to be adding new issues.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Reply To: Solution to require approval for new network devices

          That’s fine but to accomplish what you asked for requires the router to “do this and that.” If it doesn’t then that is the wrong router.
          Even with the right router the cheap fix is MAC filters.

          Moving up a notch would be a captive portal but my next question:

          What good would it do to have it let folk on like you see in the usual retail outlets?

          I may be reading too much into your request but at some point and this is according to what you wrote they have to ask you to allow their device so why not get the normal router with MAC filtering and make a sign up sheet where they provide the MAC address to you to allow? Cheap and easy.

          But back to captive portals. The only easy one I know of is where we have someone set it up for us. Otherwise you must learn the usual captive portal install, configuration and maintenance. I get the feeling you thought that was too much work.

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