Solutions for overheating? Thermal paste replacement?

By AlienRayBeam ·
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CPU idles at 45-55 degrees celsius (on a hard surface)
50-60 degrees if I used while charging or while in my lap
75-90 degrees when playing mildly demanding games or running more demanding programs

I know the CPU shuts down at 105+ so the CPU is not at risk. I'm curious how the high temperatures affect the surrounding hardware in the case if the 80+ degree temperatures are sustained for several hours, daily. I'm thinking of replacing the thermal paste on the heatsink. What kind of difference in temperatures can I expect if I do this?

Mid-2012 Macbook Pro 13"
Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz CPU
Mac OS High Sierra
Solid state drive

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Replace the Themal Paste and get a Cooling Pad

by kashishkumawat In reply to Solutions for overheating ...

The temperature of your processor is in optimal range (link removed by moderator)
But still, 80+ is a bit too high. Depending on how old the Laptop is, you will get an improvement of 5-15 degree Celsius just by replacing the thermal paste.
If you buy a cooling pad, the temperature can further be reduced by 5-10 degrees (especially while gaming).

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Clean your laptop, change the paste and get a cooling pad.

by emilyyyjohns In reply to Solutions for overheating ...

Had this problem with my HP laptop and nothing could solve it. Thermal past made it better but for a short period of time. Sometimes it was shuting down because it was above 90 degrees celsius. Cleaning helped too but not much. Yeah, cooling pad is saver.

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