[SOLVED] Printer sharing [XP to Vista] Access Denied

By link470 ·
I just purchased a new Dell laptop for a family, and they already have an HP desktop. I also decided to make their network wireless so the desktop is now plugged in, and the laptop can go mobile around the house. A typical setup for wireless. I installed the dell printer I purchased along with it, on the desktop that's almost always on and shared the printer.

Anyways, so the printer is installed, and prints beautifully if printing from the USB port on the main desktop, or, if printing from the laptop to the printer via USB. Just switching the USB cable between.

However, if I try to add a printer from the laptop running Vista Home Premium, I search for a network printer, and can see it perfectly, but I try to add it, and almost instantly receive an access denied message.

I turned off all firewalls and even though they were off, specifically checked to allow "file and print sharing" in the windows firewall. Nothing.

I hear though from searching around that this is a common problem, Windows XP Printer hosts and Vista not able to add them. My only guess was that Windows XP can't serve the Vista machine the vista driver. But that doesn't make sense because the drivers already installed from when I tested the printer on the laptop wired through USB.

Anyways, if anyone has had this issue and could help that would be great! Thanks.

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Probably permission issue

by ashij In reply to [SOLVED] Printer sharing ...

Follow the steps and verify again

1.) Verify that File and print sharing is turned on and properly configured
on the XP machine. (you obviously have this)
2.) Open the the shared location of the printer (Shared Printers folder) on Win Xp from your Vista machine
3.) On the Vista machine launch the "Add a Printer" wizard
4.) Choose "Add a local printer"
5.) Select "Create a new port" radio button and choose "Local Port" from the
drop down menu
6.) Press Next
7.) In the "Enter Port Name:" box enter the shared folder path from 'Step 2'. (e.g. \\WinXP\PrinterSharedFolder)
8.) Select the Printer driver from the list provided or use the "Have Disk"
button to install the correct Vista driver if it is not in the built-in list.
It is critical that the driver you use is Vista compatible.
9.) Press next
10.) Give the printer a distinct name and choose whether to set as the
11.) Press Next
12.) Print a test page to verify functionality.
13.) Press Finish

Hope this helps

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It worked!

by LMMobile In reply to Probably permission issue

I am normally not on this forum, but after spending the whole day 25 December 2007 to get my daughters new HP Vista laptop to print on my Canon usb printer via my HP desktop XP PC on LAN or WAN, I searched for solution on Google. I found this instruction and it worked in the first try!!
I therefore registrated just to be able to say THANK YOU, you saved my day (and night) LM

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It worked!

by LMMobile In reply to Probably permission issue

I am normally not active on forums, but I just want to say Thank You!! It worked. I have spent the whole day 25 December 2007 to get my daughters new HP Vista laptop to print on my usb printer on my XP desktop via LAN and WAN. LMMobile

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you're welcome

by ashij In reply to It worked!

Thanks for the encouragement, I'll try to be more helpful now...

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Thanks for this!

by mzuiderhof In reply to Probably permission issue

I too have been pulling my hair out over this issue and I hope that this solves it. What is paricularly bothersome to me is that I have been able to acces the printer from the vista machines when it was attached to an older XP box running home addition.

I have an old p3 running xp home / Pentium M laptop w xp home 2 pent dual core laptops with Vista Home and just purchased AMD 64x2 to replace the old pentium as application server / file / printer server .

The Vista machines have always been able to access the XP home machines even when the vista drivers were not available.
Sharing works fine other than that and I could share it without the drivers to 2 Vista laptops when attached to the old XP box or laptop.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled changed protocalls bindngs etc to no avial and was wondering if it was an AMD thing. I have spent days reading articles and forums while trying to run my business as well. So I Just cannot thank you enough for htis.

Thanks Again

Matt Z

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Photosmart 1315

by manastashcanyon In reply to Probably permission issue

Thanks for the help. I had a HP photosmart 1315 which HP is not supporting under Vista. I used the directions given and used the Photosmart 3100 driver which comes with Vista. It works great. Thanks again. I have wireless printing to the photosmart 1315.


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by pellejons In reply to Probably permission issue

This solved it perfectly for the exact same problem occuring for my combination of Win XP Pro computer as print server and my Win XP x64 client.


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by gowebx In reply to Probably permission issue

I also created an account JUST to say THANK YOU!!! I'm in a dorm room with 4 guys and we have an extra old laptop with XP sharing the printer. Only the guy with XP could print while the other the three of us with vista had no luck, our computers would freeze up but now it works! Why was it so hard to find this one little post? It would help so many people!

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Vista Remote Desktop Question HELP!

by matt_mintun In reply to Probably permission issue

Okay, so this didn't work for me. Or let me rephrase, it DID work, but also didn't.

Here's my situation: I have a Vista Home Premium acting as a server that I connect to from XP laptop from OUTSIDE of my home. I want to be able to log in (which I can) and print from the Vista computer onto a printer connected to my XP laptop (which I can't). I tried this method and it worked from INSIDE of my network but outside of it, the Vista machine won't see the XP laptop on the network, or the printer.

Please help!! I'm about to downgrade to XP Pro if this doesn't work.

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Excellant Advice

by redweasel1 In reply to Probably permission issue

This fixed our problem in a local auto shop I was setting up from an XP shared printer to a Vista desktop.


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