Some forum pages are suddenly loading slowly. How do I solve this?

By grollum ·
The issue is that a forum I regularly use is suddenly taking forever to load. The "Above Board" template and the tabs above that (Signout/Admin CP/Preferences, etc.) load almost instantly, but the board itself and the template below it then take forever to appear. This happens on the main page, the portal, the threads, the subforums, everything. It is also happening with other forums.

It only occurs with sites that are just forums (and it happens with Zetaboards/Invisionfree and phpBB at least), not sites with embedded forums.
It only happens on this laptop: other laptops on the same connection are fine.
This happens on all browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE).
I tried deleting the above board template (I'm an admin), but that had no effect (so I restored it again).
Turning off my anti-virus, as detailed towards the end of the following thread, has no effect.
Clearing my cache and updating Java also has no effect (although, I suspect the forum doesn't use Java).
This never used to happen unless there was a general problem with my connection.

Any ideas? I'm not that tech savy either so you may have to speak slowly and loudly in single-syllables.

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