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By sia ·
Hi very body
Is it only I or you have the same problem.
I get emails (spam) which are not addressed to me.
I am getting (any as well as (my
I don?t know where this (dtn) coming from, and also I am getting some emails with no mention of my name in message option.
Can I do any thing about this?
Best Regards, Sia

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by LMon In reply to some one else email

You can get a spam program to stop that. Just be careful which ones you open they may be viruses.

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by LMon In reply to

sorry mean anti-spam software

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by sgt_shultz In reply to some one else email

yes, some spam looks like that also virus generated (and infected) emails look like that. the addresses appear to be not you because they are easily 'spoofed'. you *can't* get anybody else's mail, generally speaking, as a rule, you can only get stuff actually addressed to you to you, even though it appears to be addressed otherwise. examine the source or properties of an example email message to help shed some light on this. you receive this stuff mostly because your email correspondents have opened an virus laden email message and it has delivered its payload to you because you were in their address book. it is not always spam. it probably has a virus. you can try some free spam filters for your email client. mostly they work by excluding everyone from being able to deliver mail to you unless you say they are on the 'ok' list. usually the folks in your address book. you can't do much to keep this from happening. usually isp's filter lots out. talk to them, get their recommendation. i suggest you and your circle get up to date with anti-virus software and windows security updates.

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by TheChas In reply to some one else email


Yes, I have received a couple of these mails. At least one of these was a phishing scheme.

What I believe is happening, is that the spammers have found a way to use wild card characters in email addresses.


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by wlbowers In reply to some one else email

The scum out there have figured out ways to get past a lot of the blocks that ISPs are building to block the crap they send out.

The spam that is flooding the internet chokes down legal traffic and fills mailboxes with money scams from Nigeria, tricks to get your paypal or banking information, or promises to increase your virility.

There are programs that will block this type of email, some of them are better than others.

Good Luck Lee

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