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    Some questions regarding XP licenses


    by obiwaynekenobi ·

    Just have a few questions about volume licenses for Windows XP.

    1) Let me see if I understand this right: If I have, say, 60 computers, I need a volume license for XP for the clients (i.e. 60) and then 60 CALs for my server, right? So basically paying twice for each computer?

    2) I know that CALs are sold in packs (5, 10, 20 I think?); are volume licenses sold the same way? Can I call a Microsoft retailer (or whatever they’re called) and say “Hey, I need to purchase a 50-pack of XP licenses”, or does it work different? Do I just have the agreement and pay [x] amount for however many licenses I need, and then [x] more if I need [y] additional licenses down the line?

    3) On the same subject, what’s the average price? Say I need 60 of them; what would it cost? Microsoft’s site doesn’t really list prices for them; they just say to contact a reseller or something like that.

    Thanks! I was never able to understand how all this worked before, maybe someone can shed some light on it 🙂

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      Maybe this will help:

      by dafe2 ·

      In reply to Some questions regarding XP licenses

      Basically the XP Operating System Licenses the PC it’s used on. The Client Access License licenses the connection to the server.

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        Unfortunatly, it didn’t…

        by obiwaynekenobi ·

        In reply to Maybe this will help:

        I already know how it works, I basically just want to know if I can purchase them in the same way and (and this a long shot..) get an estimate price for about 60.

        The CALs I can easily figure since MS lists their price on the site, but says nothing other than to contact a reseller or whatever about the XP licenses.

        I think that it would be in the best interest for my company to look into these (for reasons I won’t go into, but no, it’s not what you think) but I’m not in charge of the licenses, so I need to try and find an average price for it all so I can bring it to the upper management’s attention (I honestly don’t think it will do any good, but at the least I’ll be covering my ass by doing it). I already figured out that 60 CALs for the server will cost roughly $2400, but I have no idea what it would cost for an XP volume license for 60 clients. That’s the main thing I need to find out, but I don’t want to contact a reseller since it’s not really my area to begin with; I just want the information to let the higher-ups know.

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          Ok but

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Unfortunatly, it didn’t…

          Maybe I missunderstood:

          “I was never able to understand how all this worked before, maybe someone can shed some light on it”

          You may want to check with someone that can supply you MVLS. More info can be found at this link, including a phone number.

          You can purchase licenses against this for a lot less than “retail”.

          Good luck

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      Rather than a retailer

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Some questions regarding XP licenses

      Look for a local wholesale business PC provider, they work with volume licencing more often and will be able to offer you a quotation based on your specific needs.

      You don’t want to know my real recommendations for a 60 seat site, they don’t involve MS and will end up creating a never ending thread on TR that niether offers you any hep or relevant advice unfortunately.

      Best of luck in your hunt.

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      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Some questions regarding XP licenses

      So let’s say you have 60 computers. The best way to get an XP license for each one was to purchase an OEM version along with the computers. (I beleve that they should run between $50-$75 each).

      Now if we assume that you cannot purchase the OEM versions then you have to buy 60 full versions for $200 each.

      Now we also assume that you have a server. In which case you also need to buy Windows 200 server. On top of that you need tha CAL’s you’ve already listed.

      If you plan on using terminal services, then you have to buy 60 (aauming evryone) licenses for that.

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think 60 qualifies for volume licensing. I think the numnber has to be over 150.

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        Not so sure..

        by obiwaynekenobi ·

        In reply to Maybe

        Now, granted, I don’t have much experience with this but I seem to recall Microsoft having at least one volume agreement that had a minimum of only 5 licenses. Maybe I was reading it wrong.

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        volume licensing is available to all

        by jrice ·

        In reply to Maybe

        However volume licensing in small numbers is not always the way to go as in the price you are entitled to future upgrades within x amount of years. Usually you will find the cost per machine in small numbers is not cheaper then buying full versions. You need to consider are future upgrades worth the extra cost of volume license fees. Again calling Microsoft Pre sales will provide all the info

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      licenses and XP

      by jrice ·

      In reply to Some questions regarding XP licenses

      You buy CALS for Volume Licenses this allows you to use one media set for x amount of computers. In your case you buy one media disk for XP and how many volume licenses you need. Your server requires CALS for connections these are seperate. Connections are how many clients do you have logging into the server. These are installed on the server so you can track license usuage. Microsoft does have a pre sales number that you can call and they will give you all the details on price etc

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