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Some Text Boxes do not Print in Word

By ichu50 ·
I am creating a document with several TextBoxes. The document is only 6 pages long, but has a few screen shots in some of the Text boxes.
The document shows well in Print Preview. but does not print couple of text boxes. Replaced, recreated. still same problem in the same location of the document.
What could be the problem?
Saved the doc as a pdc file. some other text boxes are missing now!

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by ichu50 In reply to Some Text Boxes do not Pr ...

Oops! Saved as .pdf file.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Some Text Boxes do not Pr ...

off the top of my head, you have a pretty large document. maybe too complex for amount of memory in your printer or something. did you try another printer. otoh, if you used words pdf maker with (similar?) results, does sound like a Word problem. what is in the text boxes that come up missing? are they the ones with the screen shots? have you applied latest office sp's and patches whilst you are mulling over this problem?
if you can get your hands on Publisher it may be a better choice. Word does something really wacky to jpgs when you insert them in a doc. the doc bloats hugely. maybe you could experiment with converting them in another place like photoshop first...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

if i am barking up the right tree, you should also check to make sure you have lots of free defragged hard disk space.
if this were me i would try to cut right thru lots of potential issues and take it to a Kinko and see if they can print it or pdf it. if yes, you know you aren't facing a word bug and you can go from there...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

did you try divide doc into separate docs or at least see if problem pages will print text box contents if you print only that page...

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by dryflies In reply to Some Text Boxes do not Pr ...

Look in your accessability options on the display tab to see if "Use High Contrast is checked. if it is, uncheck it.

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by ichu50 In reply to

Nope.. High Contrast is unchecked..

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by AyukNotna In reply to Some Text Boxes do not Pr ...


click Tools->Options
click Print tabs
then check if Drawing Objects is checked, if not, click on it

hope this work

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by kirby In reply to Some Text Boxes do not Pr ...

I know this is an old post, but here's the solution: When you print the document, you can click on the Options button and then have it include Drawing objects (also helpful to have it update fields and refresh links). This change usually sticks for future instances of Word; you can record these steps in a macro to propagate it to other users.

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