Some USB drives are not automatically recognize in WinXP

By donaldjlynch ·
A few weeks age I bought a USB Phillips Web Cam for my Compaq Notebook (Presario X1000) and could not get the thing to work so I uninstalled it.
Ever since then some (most) USB drives I plug in I get the message to load drivers.
I am a tech and have never seen this before.
The USB ports work with a Lexar 4gig thumb Flash drive but force the ?Install Drivers? dialog on most other drives including a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4gig Flash drive.
I know it?s not a brand related problem because my external card reader stopped working
(It was Lexar) and the only one I can get to work now is a Sandisk Image Mate 12 in 1 (and that was only after I loaded the supporting software).
The ports on the notebook are USB 2.0 (I know this for a fact).
The BIOS is up-to-date.
All available Windows XP Pro updates are installed (including any from the custom update selection).
I have removed the device description for the unrecognized drives and tried again
(A number of times).
I have removed all USB ports (from the device manager) and let them reinstall.
I have use a number of tools to clean the registry (like ?RegCure?, ?RegScrubXP?, and ?RegCleaner?).
I have gone to the web sites of the drives not auto recognized and they all say the same thing ?No driver is needed for Windows XP?
All this and I get the same result when I plug in these unrecognized drives.
Any help out there would be greatly appreciated, and it?s ok if the answer is hacking the registry (been there and know that)

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Update USB Ports

by TheChas In reply to Some USB drives are not a ...

Rather than just uninstalling the USB ports and letting Windows reinstall them, I recommend that you install the latest drivers for the chip-set. Specifically the USB drivers if there is a separate download for them.

I tend to use the chip-set manufactures reference drivers rather than the computer makers driver.


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Have the lates USBports update

by donaldjlynch In reply to Update USB Ports

As I stated in my note the BIOS is up to date, I did not mention that ALL chip sets and ALL drivers are up to date as well.
To me it obvious what caused the problem (my USB settings or drivers were damaged by the Phillips USB web cam install).
The question is how to fix it (other than wiping the drive and reinstalling.
(It?s not just the data, I could restore, but all the hours in the settings I have in this notebook).
I am sure this has happened to someone before and we techs would all like to know how to fix it for future reference.
I guess it?s time for a Computer God to come to our rescue with an answer.

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Do you have a

by ctrservices In reply to Some USB drives are not a ...

Restore point prior to the ill-fated install? If so, give it a try.

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Tried a number of restore points - no go

by donaldjlynch In reply to Do you have a

I tried a number of restore points but had the same issue.

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