Some websites are not opening

By ahmad ·

I hope someone could help. I am facing a weird problem. I am not able to open some websites in the internet explorer.

It is happening on some computers - some of which have Windows Vista and others have Windows XP Pro. All these computers have IE7.

If I do "ipconfig /flushdns" the website does open once and then again starts giving the same problem.

I checked "hosts" file. It has following entries. localhost
::1 localhost

I would appreciate if someone could help.


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In what way

by Bizzo In reply to Some websites are not ope ...

In what way are the sites not opening?
Could you give an example, with any error messages you might be getting?

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Re: In what way

by ahmad In reply to In what way

I get following message.


Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:

You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.


But whenever I do "ipconfig /flushdns" the site would open up after that for once. If I try to open it second time, it would give me the same problem.

It is happening on several computers in my office.

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Home or Office

by viruser Staff In reply to Some websites are not ope ...

It would also help to know if you are using the PC at home or an office.

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Re: Home or Office

by ahmad In reply to Home or Office

This is happening in office. If I connect the same commputer at my home, I do not have any problem.

I have checked the office firewall and its DNS entries as well. Everything appears normal and nothing has changed.

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Has "Some websites are not opening" Problem Been Resolved?

by belliott In reply to Re: Home or Office

I'm having exactly the same problem opening some websites when connected to Office network. Running Windows Vista Business and IE7.

If I take this computer home and connect to Home network I can access all websites. I have other computers on the Office network running Vista Business and they work fine.

Have you found a solution to this problem?


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