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Someone has access?

By ray7704 ·
Though I know my way around windows apps and os quite easily, i've never really studied tcp/ip, i mean someone keeps hacking (deleting or changing passwords) to my accounts. I would be so very gratefull for any info on how to find out who it is (tho i;m sure i know) but how do you go about getting them back, nothing malicious, just to let them know via email even, that i know what they are upto?

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So, the question is, "How do I get them back?"

by seanferd In reply to Someone has access?

Leave them a note? You said via email. So, what is the question then?

TCP/IP - nothing in particular to do with passwords.

"someone keeps hacking (deleting or changing passwords) to my accounts. "

What accounts? Change all your passwords, and don't let anyone know them. Make secure passwords, not obvious real words, birthdays, etc. Lock down the computer so no one can use your system account (but that is beyond obvious, right?).

Without knowing how this person is accessing whatever sort of accounts, I can't even begin to offer a suggestion. And if there is any actual security-cracking happening, your only recourse is going to be the law. No, there is no way for you, particularly given the depth of your technical knowledge, to pinpoint whodunnit, assuming it is possible at all.

Best way to let them know that you are aware of these intrusions is to lock everything down so they can't "hack" your accounts any more. Nothing unusual is required, just secure your accounts and passwords.

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