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Someone please nuke Telstra Australia - I hate telcos.

By Deadly Ernest ·
Saturday afternoon my time, my ADSL went down. I waited a while in case it was a simple problem, it wasn't. A call to Westnet, my ISP, and we soon work out a problem has developed at the local exchange and all their clients on that exchange are off the air. So they lodge a fault with Telstra. The ever inefficient Telstra people don't have a tech working our area on weekends or nights, it seems, so they can't work on it until a tech arrives for work Monday morning - so it's about ten o'clock Monday morning before we're up again. That's about 40 hours of NO Internet or interaction, oh horror, how far am I behind at TR?

Meanwhile, I spend 40 hours going through net withdrawal, and have eaten my fingernails down to the elbows before the net is up again and I can get an email fix, a TR fix, a SOL fix, and a WB fix - shock horror, what a horrid weekend. I would never have survived without my room full of books to read, but even then it was a close call, another 24 hours and I would have needed hospitalisation. I still tremble from the shock.

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I'll get on it straight away!

by seanferd In reply to Someone please nuke Telst ...

Odd thing is, for someone in the States, I've heard an awful lot of complaints about Telstra regarding internet connections and other internet related problems.

Their ignominy has <i>reach</i>.

To you, sir, I wish a full and speedy recovery.

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Thank you, the Internet has recovered, but I'll take a lot

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I'll get on it straight a ...
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thats what you get

by .Martin. In reply to Someone please nuke Telst ...

when you sign up with Telstra

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I didn't sign up with Telstra, my ISP is Westnet, the big

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thats what you get

problem is the exchange is owned by Telstra and we've got NO choice in using it and having them fix the problems with their equipment. With their usual money grubbing process, they don't call out techs at night etc unless the fault is reported by someone with a priority need, like a medical alert system.

I suppose I could pay a lot more and go with wireless broadband, but that is often Telstra equipment too.

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Let's fix it so

by santeewelding In reply to I didn't sign up with Tel ...

When you go down, everybody in the world goes down. That way, if you can't have it, nobody can.

Would that get Telstra off its ***?

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No, the majority of staff are union self abusers, and the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Let's fix it so

majority of management are worse.

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Sounds like

by santeewelding In reply to No, the majority of staff ...

Teacher unions.

Always gets me when they say they do it for the children. If so, rename themselves the Children's union. Forget teachers and telecommunications making things right for themselves.

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Going down...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Let's fix it so

I'm aghast.

No, wait. I'm just in the gutter. ]:)

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by santeewelding In reply to Going down...

You're in(to) the sherry.

I know. It's what I'm into.

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The gutter is where they end up when they've done a lot to

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Going down...

clean up their act.

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