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Something good from Microsoft

By debuggist Staff ·
Here's an article, <>, that shows deep, cool stuff that Microsoft is doing (the kind of thing you don't normally hear about).

I particularly like the part about everyone may need fragmented identities to protect their privacy someday. Are we already there?

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Fragmented - old hate

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Something good from Micro ...

Fragemented identities is very old hate, the mdicos call that split personality or multiple personality depending upon the level of fragmentation. And if you have them all well integrated, like me, then you are just 'bloody aggrevating'.

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by djent In reply to Something good from Micro ...

First it was John Ashcroft with the patriot act, now it's M$. Do they need a shrink to figure out that people are pissed off at them and thier crap? That's like Bush stating that the studies on global warming are inconclusive and it's all conjecture. So now M$ admits to big brother asperations, shades of HAL.

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