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Something interesting happened to my laptop in the...

last 20 hours. Apparently, XP no longer recognizes either Avira (as a anti-virus) or Online Armor (as a firewall). As I actually think I know what happened to cause this (I was a bit too careless using Revo Uninstaller's junk files cleaner), this won't be phrased as a question.

The thing I want to bring attention to is the fact that accidental (mis)use a simple (generally non-malicious) program to defeat three programs (avira, online armor, and lenovo's backup service).

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I should think

by santeewelding In reply to Something interesting hap ...

That the Master and Creator of Zero Age would notice, Nodice, "interesting" applies to you -- as in, "something interesting to me" -- for, as you would have noticed, I am singularly uninterested in whatever it was you were talking about.

The version I suggested speaks to authenticity. Yours, to transparent marketing.

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Did anyone ever figure out what 'Zero Age' is? No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I should think
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this comes under the heading of live and learn - and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Something interesting hap ...

boy did that cause me a sheet load of work to fix it.

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