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Something that works

By dcmjoker ·
It looks as if I'm going to have to completely start from scratch with my personal pc at home, and I would like to hear something good about antiviral, spyware, and maintenance programs that I should look into once reformating my computer if anyone knows of the programs that actually work well and do what they're supose to
I wouldn't mind hearing about them at all.

(avg 7.5.11 for example has worked just as expected with no suprises, or not yet at least)

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My setup is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Something that works

AVG, Spybot S&amp and Sygate Personal Firewall.

Avoid the classic mistake though, connecting your newly installed pc to the big wide world to download these things.

The firewall is the most critical bit, old version sygate, zonealarm ...

Get something on CD, even if it's norton hostage taker off a recent magazine, then download something decent and get rid of it.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to My setup is

go to a PC that is already well protected, and download the installation files to a CD or jumpdrive.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to My setup is
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A couple of apps

by DMambo In reply to Something that works

For spyware, AShampoo worked well when I had some crap that Spybot S&amp and Ad-Aware didn't fix. I only used the 40-day trial because I'm cheap, but if I need it again, I'm going to pay for it.

From what I've heard AVG is better, but I found Avast before I found AVG, so I'm in the habit of installing it for friends and family who don't want to pay for AV software. It's worked well so far.

I've had a little trouble with free Zone Alarm and the Norton Internet Security that I pay too much for, so I dropped that, but it had been a good firewall for me.

Firefox instead of IE. Also, Mozilla Thunderbird seems like a good mail client.

If you use IM, get Miranda. It seems to be free of malware and works with most protocols. AIM is bloated and intrusive.

All this assumes that you're using Windows.

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IM software

by jdclyde In reply to A couple of apps

do you or the kids use Miranda? Will it talk to any of the other IMs like AOL and Yahoo?

I don't use these, but Thing Two does. I hate having to go into the task manager and kill the AOL process so it won't pop up an update notice in the middle of a fragfest.

As for spyware, I have been testing spysweeper, but man is it a hog. The fact that when you right-click and tell it to disable you still have two processes running in the background that you can not kill does not please me at all. I don't want or need AV/malware software running unless I am on the web. I am behind a hardware firewall running NAT, AND have a ZoneAlarm running on the individual system.

Yes, FF instead of IE.

AVG free on all my systems. Looking to switch work from Symantec Corporate to AVG Enterprise very soon.

AdAwareSe, but I am less and less impressed with them. They don't seem to be keeping up, and it has been a long friggen time since the last revision.

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Miranda works with almost all

by DMambo In reply to IM software

I know Miranda works with AIM by AOL, Yahoo, Google chat and a few others whose names I can't think of right now.

I struggled a little setting it up due to the parental control that I'm running at home, but it's good and doesn't include any sh!tware that I can see. I researched it pretty well before I installed it because I didn't want the compound problems of the PC pulling my kid away from the family every night until I hollar at her AND spyware.

I get frustrated as **** because my 14 year-old is clacking away all night long if we let her. My wife says it's no different than when she was a kid on the phone for hours at a time, but it irks me anyway. Especially since I can hear that she's a MUCH faster keyboarder than me. I limit her to about an hour per night after I get home. Although it is a little hard to argue with her. She gets great grades and is in advanced Math and English at school and plays a sport each season. Still, if she pisses me off too much, I'll ground her ***!!!

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I am going to have to look into this

by jdclyde In reply to Miranda works with almost ...

between this and myspace, thing two is on a good bit. Usually has both computers in that room (they are side-by-side) rolling at the same time while Thing one is on the system in the other room. I am quietly on my laptop getting my TR fix, or at least I WAS..... :0

Between this and the link about the "myspace viruse" discussion, I have some things to play with this weekend if I can get my homework done in time!

When I feel the boys have been on too long, that is when I decide we need to go SOMEWHERE. Sometimes to the skateboard park, sometimes just to look at hunting equipment, but we find somewhere to go.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to I am going to have to loo ...

When I feel the boys have been on too long, that is when I decide we need to go SOMEWHERE. why there's Home Depot :)

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by jdclyde In reply to [b]THAT...[/b]

I am selling my house as part of my divorce settlement. That means I am not putting any of my money into the house that the EX does not match, and she has no matching funds.

No home repairs in my near future.

Maybe I can call Mae and we can go shop for shoes! :^0 Oh wait, she said I was mean to my boys! I will go shoe shopping alone!

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You need Mae to explain to you.

by TonytheTiger In reply to NOPE! :p

Shopping doesn't necessarily mean buying :)

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